New storyline: Hospital of the Future

On the 1st of March 2019 we launched our new storyline "Hospital of the Future" in the presence of minister Jo Vandeurzen and 60 Belgian hospital directors.

Hospital of the Future

What will our hospitals look like in the future? Are they still the large institutions that everyone can go to or are we more likely to go to smaller, specialised care centres? Will technology ensure that we can monitor certain things from home? For example, monitoring someone who is pregnant or a patient with diabetes. What is the role of artificial intelligence in our future care system? How are we going to train our future doctors, therapists and nurses? What relationship do we as patients build up with our doctors or will we call them health coaches from now on? These and many more questions are visualised in an interactive way, giving you as a visitor the opportunity to make your mark on the visualisation of the hospital and care of the future.

Preventive Healthcare

Technology is becoming more and more important in preventive healthcare. What if sensors could detect if someone has fallen in the kitchen and immediately sends out a warning signal to the nearby hospital. Or we can just stand on a scale in our bathroom and our latest health data (hearth rate, blood pressure, weight, …) is send to the doctor. What if we can talk with a doctor virtually with even leaving home and.AI. can help us with daily routines, etc… But are we willing to give up a part of our privacy for this preventive approach?

Interactive tour

Every visitor gets his/her own tablet and can give (anonymous) feedback on the statements in the storyline. This way, the visitor gets the opportunity to give his or her input on the future of healthcare. After a certain period of time, this feedback will be reported to the policy makers.

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