Mensura celebrates 50th anniversary at Health House

Mensura, Belgium's largest External Occupational Health Service, and Certimed invited over 150 of their clients to a unique 3-day event in Health House for its 50th anniversary.

By offering a personalized Mensura tour and keynote presentation by Prof. Koen Kas, the guests were taken on an unforgettable journey through the future of health and care. The emphasis of the storyline was on the prevention of stress and burnout in the workplace, but also the subject of absenteeism was compiled in a very innovative way for the guests.

Impact of technology.

By adding live demos to the storyline, guests could really experience the future. People could measure their stress level using the Chillband (wearable from imec) by standing on a plank on the 40th floor of a skyscraper in Virtual reality, via "sensor dots" from Byteflies the visitors could see the impact on their muscles by doing certain ergonomic exercises, the Health House dissection table was used by the Mensura ergonomist to explain common complaints with employees, such as lower back problems or excessive strain on certain muscles.

Technology will have an impact on the future of our health and care and can even be used in a work environment to measure stress levels with your employees to prevent burnout.


Each evening ended with a networking reception were people could sign up for a co-creation trajectory with Mensura and Byteflies.

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