KneeVR: Using Virtual Reality for revalidation

By complementing the recovery process of knee injuries (more specifically ACL (anterior cruciate ligament-related treatments) with AR/VR gamification will enable patient to recover quicker and in more enjoyable conditions.

Knee injuries are rather frequent with athletes, both professionals and amateurs. A reconstruction of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament-related treatments) is common surgical option with the athlete’s objective to be able to completely resume his or her sporting activities. Downside is that the patient is facing a long and boring recovery. For months on end, preforming the same set of exercises is not exactly stimulating.

By using Virtual Reality and gamification, KneeVR aims to develop a personalized virtual environment where recovery is stimulated through fun exercises, variability and personal feedback.

When ready Health House will be showcasing this VR application to its visitors showing how VR can be used for patient rehabilitation and also has an important impact on the future of health and care.

More information:

KneeVR-partners: Sports.Tech/KU Leuven Research & Development, U-Sentric, Cronos/Previewlabs, GRIT, provincie Vlaams-Brabant / Smart Hub Vlaams-Brabant, UCLL & Health House

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