HELIS Academy: Optimising skills for Life Sciences jobs

HELIS Academy is launched to optimise the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) cluster in the Netherlands and Flanders. The main purpose is to bridge the gap between the skills and knowledge of graduate students and the required competences in life sciences jobs.

Which skill gaps are you facing as an employer or company?
Employer skill needs questionnaire

Health House is involved in a wide range of other activities to support the Life Science sector. One of these is the HELIS Academy, an EU-funded labor market project, which aims to bridge gaps between what is needed in organizations and what experience and skills are available on the labor market in Belgium and the Netherlands. This is done by training starters and professionals in Health and Life Sciences in a wide range of skills. More information on HELIS Academy.

Your input is necessary to further define which skill gaps need to be addressed and in which format. Please fill in this short questionnaire so we can develop courses, train employees to address your recruitment needs and improve the Dutch and Belgian Life Science Sector. Besides helping to advance the Dutch and Belgian Life Science sector, we would like to thank you for filling in this questionnaire by raffling a number of items to help you in training and attracting talent for your organization such as 5x discount vouchers for courses, 5x educational books and a free job posting.

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