Health House shows future of healthcare at Supernova

From 27 to 30 September, the first edition of the SuperNova Festival took place in Antwerp. The first two days was focused on a professional audience, during the weekend Supernova was open to the general public.

Tech Fair

As one of the 90 exhibitors at the Tech Fair, Health House introduced the visitors to the future of healthcare. With a VR application on epilepsy, a dancing ZORA robot, an artifact full of information and applications on 3D printing in the medical sector and a digital anatomy table, Health House was one of the stands to visit at the Tech Fair. Even mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever, was impressed by the digitization of human anatomy. A total of 4100 professionals visited the Tech Fair.

Over 35.000 Visitors

During the sunny weekend, in addition to the Tech Fair, a number of theme-related pavilions were open. For example, the MAS was converted into an immense Health pavilion in which each floor represented a certain phase in human life. Ranging from the baby room, classroom to eventually “old age”.

On the "classroom" floor, Health House had a booth with 4 Virtual Reality installations where people could take a look inside the brain of an epileptic’s patient and see what happens when someone has an epileptic seizure, they also see how we can resolve this disease by using deep brain stimulation.

Our ZORA robot was entertaining people from all ages, performing dances for children to singing them a birthday song or even showing how a blood sample is taken and how robotics can be used in hospital environments to calm children. ZORA can also be used in care centers to perform exercises with older people.

On the "Hospital" floor people could make a scan of their body and discover the impact of 3D printing on the future of our health. The use of 3D printed implants, guides and models will become more and more common in the field of medicine.

Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister for Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports, was impressed by all of the technology and talent he saw at Supernova.

SuperNova has shown with overwhelming success how much talent Flanders has to offer. It makes me very happy and proud that so many people have come to enjoy the technology of the future.

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