Health House partners up for Lazarusproject

By joining forces, Lazarus works on the basis of a 360 degree approach. The partners of Lazarus (AB InBev, city of Leuven, KU Leuven and UZ Leuven) want to change the excessive consumption of alcohol into a smart use of alcohol. Although moderate alcohol consumption can be part of pleasure at appropriate times, the Lazarus project wants to break the obvious link between pleasure and alcohol consumption and create a down-to-earth view of alcohol.

Health House let's young people become acquainted with Smart Drinking

Health House let's young people become acquainted with Smart Drinking

The project 'Lazarus, a sober view of drinking' within 'Health House', which will start in the autumn of 2018, brings together students and young people between the ages of 16 and 25. The participants go through an interactive storyline in which they become acquainted with Smart Drinking.

During this storyline, two counsellors work appreciatively and positively with the young people. Attention is paid to the motivations and undesirable effects of drinking and going out. Young people receive a great deal of biological information about the effects of balanced alcohol consumption.

The focus is mainly on awareness and the choice that is always there, alone or in group, when going out, to use 'Smart drinking'. After the course, students and young people are further sensitized and informed via the mobile app that they download on their smartphone.

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