Health House: partner in project on VR based management of chronic pain

Ozark Henry, pianist Katrien Verfaillie, KU Leuven and UZ Leuven will start up a collaboration to develop a virtual reality-based experience for chronic pain patients. Health House is proud to be partner in this project

The aim is to reduce pain and increase general well-being of these patients by stimulating three of their five senses via 3D sound, 3D image and scent, enabling them to escape from their pain. This holistic experience will be integrated in a smartphone with VR headset, headphone and scent-module, that will we easy-to-use on a daily basis. Short and long term effects of this holistic experience on the general well-being of the patient, as well as on specific brain activities will be monitored using state-of-the-art technologies like experience sampling, EEG and (f)MRI. The project, TRAVEL, has been submitted in the SBO channel of FWO for funding.

For more information: contact dr. Babs Weyn ( or dr. Karin Thevissen (

Promotor: Prof Paul Suetens; Valorization via Dr Babs Weyn en Dr Karin Thevissen;

Other copromotors: Prof Bart Morlion, Prof Marc Van Hulle, Prof Peter Kuppens, Prof Sabine Deprez, Prof Annabel Braem, Prof Jos De Backer.

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