Health House celebrating its 2nd anniversary

Today Health House celebrates its 2nd anniversary since its opening in March 2018. We have already welcomed more than 10,000 visitors and took them on a journey through the future of healthcare. Not only medical professionals (hospital directors, doctors, nurses) but also companies active in healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, students and policy makers have been introduced to the latest research and technological developments in healthcare.

Health House: Experience the future

The uniqueness of Health House is the "immersive storytelling" of scientifically validated topics. Science communication can sometimes be complex, but strong visualizations and interactive elements such as 3D, Virtual Reality, Motion tracking and a digital dissection table allow our visitors to discover and experience the content in a unique way. In this way the message lingers much better and people are better informed. In total we now have 11 storylines within Health House:

  • The impact of technology on the future of healthcare

  • Hospital of the future

  • KU Leuven: over 600 years of groundbreaking research

  • UZ Leuven, pioneer in innovative medical care

  • Imec from nanochip technology to more personalized health care

  • Discover the rich history of the city of Leuven

  • Smart Hub Flemish Brabant, smart region in the heart of Europe

  • Smart Health City: Using smart technology for sustainable living

  • Lazarus: Project to make students aware of smart drinking

  • Responsible Beverage Services: Lazarus trajectory for bar tenders

  • DBS Select – patient education on Deep Brain Stimulation

First interactive patient education platform on Deep Brain Stimulation

Brain surgery is always frightening and therefore good information is essential. Normally, patients receive explanations during the neurological/neurosurgery consultation, but often a lot of questions arise afterwards.

The DBS SELECT storyline aims to offer this information in a more interactive way and to involve the patient more in the process. The uniqueness of the 'DBS SELECT' storyline is its personal touch. On the screens, testimonials from different patients are shown. They talk about their experience and experience before and after surgery. They give an honest picture of what went well and where the expectations were different.

Health House as a knowledge platform on healthcare.

Since opening in March 2018 we’ve hosted various events (over 420!) at Health House ranging from guided tours, corporate events, press releases to consultation for companies on the impact of technology on healthcare. An overview of some use cases in collaboration with Health House:

  • Interactive Patient Education (DBS Select)

  • NATO Bootcamp - Healthcare in Warfare

  • Exclusive corporate events (Pfizer, Roche, Mensura, Essers)

  • Co-creation with Epihunter

  • Dissemination of result of science related research projects (Seize-IT)

  • Health House on location (EIT Health Summit in Paris, Supernova in Antwerp)

  • International visits of various ministers of healthcare

  • Television productions (Team Scheire)

We see Health House becoming the knowledge platform on the future of healthcare with a broad knowledge network and the capabilities of translating science and health communication in a unique experience.

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