EIT Health Summit - Paris

Innovation for innovation sake will no longer have a place in an ever changing and demanding healthcare landscape. Needs-based health innovation is fundamental to generate true transformation in the lives of patients and citizens. How do we create innovation that meets both the societal needs of today, and yet is future proofed for tomorrow? For the EIT Health Summit in Paris Health House build a booth to highlight some of projects shaping the future of healthcare.

The event, held on 02-03 December at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, brought together some of the world’s leading experts to share invaluable, first-hand insights from the worlds of business, education, research and healthcare delivery to accelerate new-thinking – from building a clear need proposition for an idea, all the way through to successful adoption.

Interactive Booth

To showcase some of these innovative projects, Health House was asked to create an experience booth for the Summit. Visitors were first introduced to an overarching movie covering various topics such as Health Innovations, A.I. & Big Data in Healthcare, Cancer treatment and smart diagnostics and Quality of life for the elderly. After the movie they could explore various projects active in these domains on our touchtables. An overview:

  • Registers and Biobanks in Transition

  • ABTRACE - getting antibiotics right

  • ADPS - The Alzheimer's Disease Prediction Service

  • ASSESS - retinal phase contrast imaging for early diagnosis

  • COSMO@HOME - preparing children at home for magnetic resonance imaging using virtual reality

  • DeepSpA - automated, speech-based cognitive pre-screening for clinical trials in Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Diabeloop - one step closer to a fully automated “artificial pancreas”

  • Inveox - rethinking pathology

  • RGS@HOME- the rehabilitation gaming system

  • S4DX - digital human blood sample fingerprint

  • Stockholm3 - predicting the risk of aggressive prostate cancer

  • Vigo - digital therapeutic for stroke rehabilitation

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