Day of Healthcare (Dag van de Zorg) - FULLY BOOKED!

On the 17th of March 2019, the participants of the "Day of Healthcare" (Dag van de Zorg) will have the opportunity to discover the new storyline of Health House: Hospital of The Future.

What will our hospitals look like in the future? Are they still the large institutions that everyone can go to or are we more likely to go to smaller, specialised care centres? Will technology ensure that we can monitor certain things from home? For example, monitoring someone who is pregnant or a patient with diabetes. What is the role of artificial intelligence in our future care system? How are we going to train our future doctors, therapists and nurses? What relationship do we as patients build up with our doctors or will we call them health coaches from now on?

These and many more questions are visualised in an interactive way, giving you as a visitor the opportunity to make your mark on the visualisation of the hospital and care of the future.


Due to many subscriptions all 3 tours on the day of healthcare are booked. You can still visit Health House on one of our "Public Thursdays" Subscribe now:

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