3D printing in medicine course

The 3D Printing in Medicine Course, hosted by Materialse, brings together the innovation-minded healthcare community to share their knowledge how to integrate and expand 3D technology in hospitals. During their visit to Health House, the participants were shown the future possibilities of 3D printing in healthcare.

3D technology has been transforming healthcare for over 20 years. It’s been used in applications from designing and producing custom devices and instruments, to planning complex clinical procedures and training future medical professionals more effectively. And that’s just the start.

But nothing of those achievements would have been possible without the support of a medical community sharing their experiences and inspiring each other to apply 3D technology and enable patient-specific healthcare.

3D Printing in Medicine Course 2019

57 attendees, 12 expert lectures, 2 panel discussions, 2 hands-on workshops and countless stimulating debates on how to accelerate the potential of 3D planning and 3D printing to move towards patient-specific healthcare.

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