Exhibition areas

Discover over 600m² of experience center on the future of health and care.


The Artefactum is the ideal place to showcase a product to the visitors.

  • Area to place product covered by glass
  • 2 full HD tablets
  • Holographic screen
  • 42" touchscreen (media gallery, infographics, video, ...)

Using a Kinect sensor for motion tracking and control, you can

  • Interact with your own body.
  • Discover the impact of 3D printing.
  • Swipe through the history of medicine.
  • Explore a world map.
  • Challenge your colleagues for a quiz/battle

Ever wanted to dissect a human body? Now you have the chance to become a surgeon and perform a surgery on our digital anatomy table.

  • 5 human cadavers
  • Rich collection of 3D models of organs
  • 2000 cases of different pathologies
  • Show MRI and CT scans from hospital

You can experience healthcare in Virtual Reality! Simply put on one of our nine VR headsets and dive into the human brain and learn all about epilepsy and how to treat it. Or learn how VR can be used in sports rehabilitation. Using medical imaging we are also able to show you the effect of Alzheimer's disease on the human brain.

  • 9 VR headsets (Oculus, HTC Vive & Oculus Go)
  • 2 full HD tablets
  • Interactive touchscreen

A 84” 4K screen shows an introduction movie and sets the scene for a unique journey.

  • 84" screen (4K)
  • 2.1 audio

Ever wanted to explore the world of genomics in 3D or watch a panoramic movie? This is possible in our Cave, thanks to the three full HD projectors and 9 x 3 m screen. You are going to be immersed in the story and leave with a lasting experience.

  • Full 3D experience
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • 2D content also possible

In Tunnel, guests are welcomed by a short introduction movie, teaser or a corporate logo. Visitors get the sense of an unique experience by the series of 6 HD-screens with surround audio in combination with LED lighting customized for the visit/client.

  • 6 full HD screens
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Customizable LED-lightning

The Labyrinth features 9 touch tables and a 84” 4K screen to surprise you with interactive content. The tables can be used to show a video, media gallery, infographics, slide show, PowerPoint presentation, and so on. All of the content can be shown simultaneously on all screens or can differ per table. You are triggered to walk around and explore each table on your own.

  • 9 full HD touch tables
  • 84" screen (4K)
  • Interactive modules (media gallery, timeline, hotspots,...)

Health House could be the ideal location to host your next event. The Perspectum can be used to have a reception after the tour/event or to give an introduction at the beginning, use it for a press release or product launch and also many catering formulas are possible.

  • Theatre setup: 70 people
  • Seated dinner
  • Walking dinner
  • Buffet
  • Lunch