The Health House exhibition platform: nailed and showcased

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In the past months and in close collaboration with its partners Ocular and Potteau-Labo, the Health House team has worked hard to finalize the build-up phase of its first-in-class infrastructure, both front- and back-end. Today, the 700 m2 open plan space is converted to a high-end exhibit and event venue, constituting the backbone of Health House’s cross-medial storytelling concept. 

During a series of exclusive preview sessions, we presented the infrastructure’s capabilities to our partners. By combining existing multimedia materials from our partners with cutting-edge content made available by leading healthcare companies and digital agencies, we were able to demonstrate the visualization power and experience level, as well as the visitor-centric customization potential of the Health House platform.  

 Now it's back to business for the Health House team to get our content development up to speed. The first Health House directed storylines, depicting the capabilities of our partners and opening a window to the future of health and care, are expected fall 2017.