Health House build-up

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Health House build-up

Almost a month ago, a new exciting era has started at Health House. After months of conceptual developments, brainstorms and in-depth discussion on platforms, technologies and content, our exhibition space is literally coming to live during the build-up phase.

In the past weeks, the 700m2 open space on our second floor is being converted to a state-of-the-art, flexible exhibition space featuring the newest visualisation technologies. Through the various set-ups and interfaces, visitors will be able to experience how technology is shaping the future of health and care. To realize this, we can count on our trusted partners: Ocular and Potteau Labo.

Health House team expansion

Together with the start of the build-up phase, Health House was excited to welcome its 3rd team-member, Tim Claes. As a systems/IT engineer, Tim will be responsible for all technical and IT-related matters of Health House. Tim joins us from imec where he was an equipment engineer. With his hands-on mentality and strong experience in web and application development, Tim will be key in realizing the Health House exhibition backbone. 

Health House content development

Together with our founding partners, epilepsy and omics were chosen as first areas of innovation for their storylines. We were able to gather a unique team of experts to discuss the latest developments in their domains. The impressive mix of research and clinical experts, both in epilepsy and omics, demonstrates the power and uniqueness of our ecosystem in healthcare and life sciences.

Jointly with the set-up of our exhibition space, we’re also getting ready to launch our first public tenders for the content development of Health House. These tenders will reach out to both digital agencies with experience in motion sensing, Virtual Reality and active stereoscopic 3D, as to digital storytellers and journalists. Contact us if you’re interested in participating in this open call.