Public Tuesday: Planet Virus tour

a special Easter edition of our Public Thursday... on a Tuesday!

The Planet Virus tour

Meet Planet Virus: a new educational learning platform on COVID-19. During this experience, we share unique insights and learnings to prevent the next pandemic. Planet Virus is a combination of scientifically validated research, international studies and interviews with various (scientific) experts on the impact of COVID-19 on our world. By combining sources from over 60 world-renowned institutions (KU Leuven, MIT, NASA, Harvard, WHO, Stanford, U Hasselt, CEPI, Nature, NY Times, …) and creating mind-blowing cinematic visuals, Planet Virus is the most interactive, educational experience on pandemics produced in the 21st century.

What to expect from the tour?

During this tour, we look at how we got into the COVID-19 pandemic despite the many warnings. We explain what viruses are, what their place is in our world. We need them, but they can also have dangerous consequences and even turn into a pandemic. We evaluate the current situation in our society. But more importantly, we look ahead; what can we learn from this? How do we tackle the next pandemic? And even so, how could we prevent the next pandemic?

Practical information

Day: Tuesday 12th of April 2022

Time: 18h30 till 20h00

Language: Dutch

Price: 24.5 EUR / person

How do I get my tickets?

Easy! Simply click on this button, which will direct you to the Health House calendar. Here you will find the link to our Public Tuesday, together with all other activities that are planned the coming months.

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