Health House goes live: Let's connect in 2022

an online event about our accomplishments the past year

The Health House mission is to inspire and connect people and organizations, to create interesting and digital content, and to accelerate innovation in healthcare. To make this happen, we underwent quite a journey these past years, filled with a lot of creative projects, collaborations and meaningful experiences that got us inspired and which we would love to share with all of you. That's why on 1 February 2022, Health House goes live to get you inspired in 2022. During this livestream, our host (and very own Managing Director) Isabelle François will illustrate a selection of the projects Health House has been working on over the past years. The overarching aim of these projects is always linked to the four-part Health House goal of inspiring, connecting, creating and accelerating.

In this regard, we invited a few experts to take their place on the stage together with Isabelle, to talk about how they've worked together with Health House to create something meaningful:

Our first guest speaker will be Koen Kas, CEO of Healthskouts, healthcare futurist and Professor molecular oncology, healthtech and digitalhealth. Driven to make healthcare more personalized and preventive, he is a Health House ambassador from the very beginning.

Our second speaker is Johan Neyts, Belgian virologist and Professor of Virology at the Faculty of Medicine of KU Leuven. As head of the Neyts Laboratory of Virology, Antiviral Drug and Vaccine Research, we will discuss the importance of being informed about the nature and working of viruses.

Thirdly we invite Alexandra Boogers, PhD candidate and Neurology Resident, to talk about our patient educational trajectory: DBS Select. This storyline aims to offer information to patients about a Deep Brain Stimulation, in an interactive way through testimonials and the power of digital visualizations.

And lastly, Kevin Strubbe, owner of Hospitality Creators and trainer of the Lazarus project, will talk a bit more about the RBS trajectory meant for people working in hospitality.

But that's not all! Even though they unfortunately couldn't be there themselves, we would like to warmly thank Claire Tillekaerts, CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade, Bert Ackaert, CEO of Evermove and Louis-Philippe Broze, CEO of Spentys, for their video contributions.

Thank you all for making the time to contribute to our livestream!

You can watch the teaser video for our livestream below.

Join us for this virtual event and register here:

Hope to see you there!


The Health House Team

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