An ex(o)citing Hackathon: powering To Walk Again

The inspiring 12-hour hackathon towards a Flemish exoskeleton

An ex(o)citing Hackathon: powering To Walk Again

To Walk Again organizes a creative hackathon on Saturday May 7 to explore innovative ideas for the next generation exoskeletons. At the REVAlution Center of To Walk Again in Herentals, these exoskeletons are part of the continuous post-rehabilitation training for people with spinal cord injury, CVA, amputation or after an oncological process.

Why participate?

The hackathon allows to learn about the exoskeleton technology and interact with renowned experts in the field. Furthermore, your knowledge and ideas will be judged and valued by the experts and have the potential to be part of the next generation exoskeleton.

As a participant in the hackathon you join rehabilitators, mentors, companies and experts to think about the real-life challenges concerning the exoskeleton. This is a Flemish initiative, where you can contribute to the development of innovative technology to improve the quality of lives of the ones around you.


Examples include, but are not limited to: (i) academics (i.e. bachelor, Master or PhD and Post-doc), (ii) physiotherapists, (iii) professionals active in very diverse disciplines (not necessary with know-how in exoskeletons) such as Artificial Intelligence, sensor technology, societal disciplines rehabilitation, (iv) start-ups and mature companies, (v) investors and (vi)incubators in the field of health & care or engineering and (vii) anyone with a fierce passion and interest in pushing boundaries and helping persons to lead a better life with the exoskeleton-based rehabilitation.

A full day of…

Interaction with rehabilitators & experts, brainstorming and creative thinking, real-life problem solving, fun and new experiences, workshops, food & drinks and at the end of the day some awesome prizes!

Practical details

You will be invited to Health House, the expertise platform for the future of health and care. On May 7 (9h00-21h00), Health House will be transformed to a vibrant place for interaction, creative thinking and knowledge transfer between many kinds of disciplines.

Places are limited and a selection of participants will be made by the expert panel based on the provided information and type of profile. Registration is free of charge. Please provide a short motivation letter and relevant background information via the link below.

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