Ultra-safe and cost-effective virucidal technology for single use facemasks

Protective Gear - MPG, ECAmed, Citrique Belge

Protective Gear - MPG, ECAmed, Citrique Belge

Molecular Plasma Group (MPG), a spin-off from VITO (Belgium) and LIST (Luxembourg) is specialised in grafting organic molecules onto any substrate using their proprietary solvent-free plasma coating technology.

Identified as a fear-factor by hospital management, they learned that pathogens such as SARS-COV-2, landing on the outside of PPE, were a risk factor for self- and cross-contamination. This lead them to develop a virucidal functionality grafted onto the outside of single-use facemasks.

The solution is extremely safe as it uses just a few milligrams of citric acid, a natural food ingredient, and doesn’t influence any of the facemask’s other performance criteria.

MPG succeeded in developing the technology from idea, to commercial production of CE-certified virucidal facemasks, in just 11 months. Production capacity is already up and running in Belgium and Luxembourg. Because of the high benefit at marginal cost, MPG expects that this will become the new global standard in healthcare.

Key Features

  • Robust & scientifically proven technology

  • Excellent broad-spectrum virucidal performance

  • Extremely safe for the user

  • Cost effective, highly scalable solution