Savitas: QR code system for anonymous contact tracing at work

Digital Health Technology - Contact Tracing

Digital Health Technology - Contact Tracing

In companies that choose to use Savitas (which stands for Scoped Anonymous Viral Infection Tracing At Scale), workers can alert the system if they have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) by scanning a QR code on their smartphone. Anyone who has scanned the same QR code around the same time as the person infected will then be alerted the next time they scan, or when they visit the website.

The solution does not use any personal data, GPS signal or Bluetooth. “Savitas is not an application. The QR codes cannot be linked to any sensitive data and companies cannot trace or use the data.

Key features

  • QR code stickers are applied at hotspots where social distancing may be a challenge (meeting rooms, entry halls, restrooms...)

  • Employees and visitors are encouraged to scan the QR codes using a standard smartphone whenever they encounter one. No app, no registration whatsoever is required.

  • Every scan is added to a list inside the device, storing the QR code identifier and the time slot.

  • After a COVID-19 diagnosis, the doctor will authorise the worker to press the self-report button. The fully anonymous time slot records on the phone are then uploaded to the server as “infectious”.

  • With every scan, the phone compares recent “infectious” records from the server with the data on the device. If there is a match (both QR ID and time slot), action will be suggested: self-isolate and get medical help.