Lead Diabetes program ReS39



ReS39 durable treatment for Diabetes

A large variety of therapeutic classes are currently available for Type 2 diabetes. Even though the current drugs are effective, the treatment remains symptomatic and does not halt the underlying β-cell degeneration. Patients therefore need to take increasing doses or add-on therapies. In addition, other organs (e.g. liver and kidney) suffer from the high blood glucose levels.

reMYND is currently developing a ReS39 drug that not only stops the β-cell degeneration but actually doubles the production of insulin in the pancreas after only 4 weeks of treatment in mice. This beneficial effect of increased endogenous insulin is durably sustained for some time after halting the treatment (= wash-out), as the mice manage glucose much better.

Key features

  • Re-functionalization of degenerated β-cells in the pancreas

  • Relatively short time until treatment effect

  • Treatment effect is durably sustained for some time after treatment stop

  • Clinical trials are currently being prepared to assess this effect in humans as well

  • End-organ protection will be assessed as well