FeverVision: disinfection module with real time fever detection

Digital Health Technology - Artificial Intelligence

Digital Health Technology - Artificial Intelligence

In a few weeks’ time, the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus are expected to be reversed in phases. This means that the number of people gathering in public locations will increase. It is important to maintain the vigilance that has been created in order to prevent the attention for the virus and the remaining security measures from weakening during this period and thus to increase the number of infections again.

FeverVision has been developed to support, for example, retailers, businesses, and institutions when measuring fever for visitors.

Key features

  • Recognizes fever among visitors and guests

  • Combines a high-resolution camera with a medical infrared sensor (accurate to 0.2 ° C) and hand disinfection in one device

  • Contributes to creating a safe environment for shoppers, catering guests and employees

  • Plug and play, ready for immediate use