CORELSA: The Remote Stethoscope System

Digital Health Technology - Medical Devices

Digital Health Technology - Medical Devices

Auscultations with a stethoscope are essential for the assessment and the follow up of Covid-19 patients. The main problems with auscultations are that they are time consuming (with large number of patients) and second because of the direct contact with the patient and the use of a stethoscope, it is a possible way of infections. Reducing the number of infections and the time spend with patients is very important.

Therefore, the CORELSA was developed, this system makes it possible to conduct remote auscultations of a large number of patients without direct contact.

Key features

  • Reducing number of infections

  • Less time consuming for auscultations

  • Scheduled measurements are possible

  • Possible to add diagnostic remarks to auscultation files