AccuVein: medical imaging solutions

At a busy hospital, difficult sticks can quickly trigger a cascade of clinical and operational issues. Escalation calls to other clinical staff not only delay treatment, they too often lead to more invasive procedures that may increase the risk of infections, catheter failure, longer hospitalizations, and other complications.

AccuVein's near-infrared (NIR) vein visualization technology is a simple, safe solution that allows healthcare professionals to see a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time. With the goal of improving venipuncture, the most commonly performed invasive medical procedure, and other vascular access procedures.


AccuVein improves visualization of superficial veins, bifurcations, and valves often invisible for the naked eye. Evidence has shown that AccuVein reduces the procedure time by up to 78%.


When AccuVein was implemented across various nursing units, (adult med/surg, ICU, pediatric, intermediate care), escalation calls to other resources decreased by 45%.


With AccuVein, first attempt succes rates increased by 92%. (1) Fewer sticks can prevent vessel depletion, protecting and preserving viable veins for future life-sustaining and potentially life-saving infusion therapy.


The number one concern of hospitalized patients is pain associated with how many times they will be stuck with a needle (4). AccuVein-guided procedures resulted in a 39% reduction in pain and a 45% reduction in patient stress associated with intravenous acces.

Achieving the New Standard of Care

Many AccuVein customers are incorporating vein visualization into their standard operation procedures. They recognize that using the device hospital-wide helps provide helps provide the best care possible. Also Sint-Dimpa in Geel makes optimale use of this Vein Visualization technology:

"We have been using the VeinViewer Vision in the pediatric ward for many years. We purchased it as part of our project "a pain-free care pathway" and it is very user-friendly. The VeinViewer is the most used device in the department and is also used daily both with babies and older children. Pricking a child is an art and not always obvious. We therefore also want to keep the number of puncture attempts to a minimum so that the child does not have to suffer unnecessary pain. Together with our pediatricians, we are definitely fans!" says An Geboers, Head nurse in pediatrics at the Sint-Dimpna Hospital in Geel.

Eight reasons to choose AccuVein

  • Highly accurate and permanently aligned: no calibration required

  • Hand-held: The AccuVein fits in you hand and weights only 275 grams

  • Superior design: no skin contact required and no internal cooling fan or venting

  • Battery recharges in unit: no need to remove the battery or plug it into an electrical outlet during use. Charge in cradle or stand and run unplugged for hours

  • Movement tolerant: high-speed image processing delivers real-time image, regardless of patient or clinical movement

  • All patients: works on a broad range of patients, including neonates, dark skinned, and obese patients.

  • Patented laser-generated image: eye-safe under all operating conditions

  • Hands-free choice: can be easily inserted in a wheeled or fixed stand for assessment and cannula placement.