3D-Printed Non-Invasive PEEP Masks to Alleviate Ventilator Shortage

Digital Health Technology - 3D Printing

Digital Health Technology - 3D Printing

Located in Belgium, one of the countries hit hard by COVID-19, University Hospital Leuven (UZ Leuven) is one of the many hospitals working tirelessly on the frontline of the pandemic. The teams there have been faced with the difficult circumstance of treating critically ill patients, all while trying to reduce the risk of also catching the disease.

As patients are facing severe respiratory issues, the hospital has taken a role in leading a clinical trial on a new, easy-to-use solution that bridges the gap between a simple oxygen mask and intubation. In the beginning of the pandemic, Materialise released the Materialise Passive NIP, with NIP standing for non-invasive PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure). The idea behind the solution is that it can deliver a combination of oxygen and high-pressure with the aim that it could push back the fluids in the lung and allow for a better uptake of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Key features

  • Straightforward to install and easy to use consisting of standard medical equipment already available in hospitals

  • Valuable for multiple types of patients

  • The combination of the filter and tight seal may reduce the risk of spreading aerosols.