By the use of digital storytelling each visitor of Health House is taken on a unique journey.

Hospital of the future

What will our hospitals look like in the future? Are they still the large institutions that everyone can go to or are we more likely to go to smaller, specialised care centres? Will technology ensure that we can monitor certain things from home? For example, monitoring someone who is pregnant or a patient with diabetes. What is the role of artificial intelligence in our future care system? How are we going to train our future doctors, therapists and nurses? What relationship do we as patients build up with our doctors or will we call them health coaches from now on? These and many more questions are visualised in an interactive way, giving you as a visitor the opportunity to make your mark on the visualisation of the hospital and care of the future.

  • Assignment by minister Jo Vandeurzen for the visualisation of Hospital of the future.
  • Content based on groenboek "Hospital of the future"
Planet Virus: Preparing for the next pandemic and beyond

Planet Virus: a new educational learning platform on COVID-19. Sharing unique insights and learnings to prevent the next pandemic. Planet Virus is a combination of scientifically validated research, international studies and interviews with various (scientific) experts on the impact of COVID-19 on our world. By combining sources from over 60 world-renowned institutions (KU Leuven, MIT, NASA, Harvard, WHO, Stanford, U Hasselt, CEPI, Nature, NY Times, …) and creating mind-blowing cinematic visuals, Planet Virus is the most interactive, educational experience on pandemics produced in the 21st century. The Planet Virus platform will interact with the audience and share information on 3 levels:

  • An onsite guided experience at Health House (Leuven, Belgium)
  • An objective, interactive and educational website on the COVID-19 pandemic
  • • Monthly Online Seminars, hosted and organized by Health House, with experts in different domains
Technologies in healthcare

We follow human life from pre-conception to old age. Throughout our lives we are regularly confronted with various diseases. We will show you how we can better handle these diseases in the future, investigate them preventively, monitor them and improve our quality of life. In addition, you can explore the latest developments within the province of Flemish Brabant, an unique knowledge region in the heart of Europe, promoted in this storyline on the basis of four pillars: community building, internationalization, branding and project operation. Discover how to get to a more preventive and personalized healthcare system rooted in (digital) data.

  • Explore innovative projects within Health
  • Show impact of technology on the future of our health and care
Smart Drinking by Lazarus

Excessive alcohol consumption can not only lead to health problems, but is also the source of a great deal of nuisance, especially in a student city like Leuven. To make students and young people between 16 and 25 years old aware of this problem, the city of Leuven, KU Leuven, UZ Leuven and AB InBev launched a "Smart Drinking Programme" in Health House. "Smart Drinking" is an experience programme aimed to give young people a sober view of the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption in nightlife.

  • Tailor made tour combined with Smart Drinking APP
  • Focus is on awareness raising
  • Personal coaching
  • More information at:
DBS Select (Deep Brain Stimulation)

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neuromodulation therapy for movement disorder patients. DBS is not selective – it stimulates a broad population of neurons, causing side effects and sub-optimal therapy. Two novel technologies for selective stimulation rely on controlling temporal and spatial stimulation parameters. The DBS SELECT project, granted by EIT Health, will validate these complementary approaches in patients, leading to an improved therapy. A new education platform will better inform patients and clinicians, thus increasing market penetration. Coordination and implementation of this newly created education platform will be performed by Health House.

  • Focus on full imersive patient education on DBS
  • Real life testimonials
  • Possibility to share experiences with medical professionals and patients.